MS Girls Enjoy JA Dream Fair

MS Girls Enjoy JA Dream Fair
Posted on 05/01/2023
On Friday, April 28, Tekonsha Middle School 7th and 8th grade girls were able to travel to Western Michigan University to attend the Junior Achievement JA Girls' Dream Fair: A STEM Experience. The one-day workshop brought together seventh and eighth grade girls from throughout Southwest Michigan and more than 25 professional women working in STEM careers.


The day started with three special speakers who told their own stories about as young teens, how they found career mentors, as well as the challenges they experienced along the road to success in high-tech environments. Small-group sessions guided by JA’s It’s My Future curriculum followed, offering a practical guide to identify personal inspirations and to prepare for college and career success. Students also had the chance to discover potential careers and learn about STEM jobs for further research, as well as investigate real STEM careers and educational opportunities with volunteers from local organizations at a mini trade show.


According to JA, research shows that nearly two-thirds of teenagers will steer away from STEM simply because they don’t know anyone in those fields or don’t understand what those people do. Events like JA Girls Dream Fair encourage young women to pursue STEM careers.


The students had a great time learning about the impact that science and math can have on their future, and they also enjoyed getting to explore a university campus! This program was fully funded by Junior Achievement and transportation was funded by a grant from the Calhoun Area Career Center.