Athletic Boosters Winter Favorite Athlete

Athletic Boosters Winter Favorite Athlete
Posted on 02/28/2024

Athletic Boosters Winter Favorite Athlete

As we mentioned in the last TCS News to Know, the Tekonsha Athletic Boosters completed their favorite winter athlete fundraiser earlier this month, with the top prize winners beings 1st - Parker White, 2nd - Dylan Griffith, and 3rd - Blake Griffith. Here is a spotlight from the Boosters on the 2nd place winner for most money earned! Stay tuned next week for a profile on our top money earning player!

2nd Place - Dylan Griffith
The Tekonsha Athletic Boosters presents our 2nd place Favorite Winter Athlete winner, Dylan Griffith. Dylan is a junior at Tekonsha and is currently enrolled in the Education Academy at the Calhoun Area Career Center. We asked Dylan what his favorite thing was about playing basketball is and he said, “that it’s all about the camaraderie - gives me something to do every day with my friends.”

Dylan talked about how he really liked going to the Education Academy and really wants to be a teacher. So, we asked him if he had any desire to be a coach one day. He said, “heck yeah and a good one too.” So, then we asked him what makes a good coach? His reply, “someone who encourages a kid's confidence and does not destroy it, defends you with officials, and doesn’t try to change a player but harnesses a talent however big or small and develops it.” We also asked Dylan what he thinks is a great quality to have in a teammate and he said, “mutual respect - like we know what each other can do and push each other to get there.”

This is Dylan’s first year starting with varsity, so we asked if he has any advice for the freshman or sophomore that is dressing for varsity but not getting any playing time? His response, “respect the coach, listen when he is speaking and have an open mind to advice and criticism.“

One last question for Dylan, do you have any special thanks you would like to share? He said, “All Glory to God.” The Tekonsha Athletic Boosters are happy to have one more year of watching Dylan play and wish him the best of luck next year. We also want to thank all his family and friends that contributed to this fundraiser.