Big Win for T-Town Tech!

Big Win for T-Town Tech!
Posted on 03/05/2024

If at FIRST you don't succeed, try, try again!

This past weekend, the T-Town Tech (#9215) FIRST Robotics Team traveled to Battle Creek Central High School for their first competition of the 2024 season. They had a rocky start on Saturday morning, but they never gave up! They persevered, problem-solved, and kept at it. By the end of Saturday night, they were on a winning streak and ended with the highest score of the day. They went into Sunday's competition, having a mix of highs and disappointments, but stayed the course to not give up! In the end, they were selected to be part of a team alliance for the championship tournament, along with the Comets (#3357) from Forest Hills schools and ZooBOTix (#6002) from Kalamazoo Central HS. They battled their way to the top, contributing at each battle to the success of their alliance. In the end, they came away victorious, winning the entire competition with their other two team members!

This is such a great reminder that success doesn't have to be a one direction journey. It is full of steps forward, falls back, and detours that you didn't expect. But the lesson learned is to not give up! We are so proud of these kids. It was two incredibly long days...and they deserve all of the accolades for their accomplishments! If you see them, be sure to let them know we are proud of them! Congrats to Barric Groholske, Vayda Nyland, Preston Pombier, Brandon Sammons, Aundrea Gay, and Coaches Ryan and Krista Groholske and Matt Lindsey!

They team will travel to Central Michigan University to compete again on March 28 & 29. Limited quantities of both this year's and last year's t-shirts are still available for purchase at the school.

Safety Award Winner - Preston Pombier
This year, the team added a few more components to the overall competition experience, including creating a website, a team scrapbook, and focusing on team safety. At the competition, the team put together safety kits that they distributed to the other teams in attendance. Team member Preston Pombier served as the safety monitor, even getting his CPR certification to be prepared for any emergency! For these extra efforts, the competition judges awarded Preston and the entire team a safety award!


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