Mr. Jenkins Announces His Retirement!

Mr. Jenkins Announces His Retirement!
Posted on 05/01/2023

After more than 30 years of service to Tekonsha Community Schools, Mr. Tim Jenkins has announced his retirement at the end of the 2022-23 school year. In a letter read to the Tekonsha Board of Education during the regular April meeting, Mr. Jenkins shared, “I served 30 years at Tekonsha Schools, and I am honored to end my career here. To say I enjoyed my time here would be a huge understatement.”

Tim Jenkins didn’t just start his connection with Tekonsha Schools 30 years ago, it goes even further back! Jenkins was a student at Tekonsha Schools for his entire K-12 experience, graduating as a member of the Class of 1980. He is actually a 4th generation Tekonsha graduate, with his own children being 5th generation Tekonsha grads.

Mr. Jenkins didn’t originally set out to be a teacher. He first attended Kalamazoo College as a history major. “I didn’t really have any idea of what I was going to do with it. I picked it because I like it,” he recalls. After his first year of college, he transferred to Western Michigan University, and briefly considered being a business major. That was until he took his first business class and thought, “Nope, this is not for me!”

He took his first education class during his second semester at WMU and quickly realized that he wanted to coach and teach, eventually earning his certification in physical education and history. He actually started coaching for the first time at Tekonsha Schools while still a student at WMU, coaching middle school basketball and JV football while a student teacher at Harper Creek.

Jenkins graduated from Western in December of 1984. “It was a different time,” he remembers. “There were more teachers than there were jobs, especially for a social studies teacher!” Although he didn’t immediately find a full-time position, he subbed and continued coaching in Tekonsha for the next two years.

In August of 1986, Jenkins was hired for his first full-time job, teaching in Edwardsburg, MI. He taught and coached there for six years before he found his way back to Tekonsha. In the fall of 1992, Tim moved back to the area after his marriage to wife of 31 years, Kris. Kris was working as a teacher at Tekonsha Schools at the time, and Tim chose to leave teaching and move back to work with his dad at the family business, Keep & Martinson Lumber. But he just couldn’t stay away from coaching! Although teaching positions were limited, a part-time athletic director position opened in 1993. He began as Tekonsha’s AD in August of 1993 and served in this role for four years while working full time at the lumberyard.

Jenkins returned to full-time teaching in 1997 when he was hired as a special education teacher to fill an open position under an emergency certification at Tekonsha High School. After one year, he transitioned to an open PE position, and he has been teaching PE ever since. Throughout the years at Tekonsha, Jenkins has taught a variety of classes including US History, character education, current events, PE, weight training, and more. All in all, he has spent 26 years teaching at Tekonsha Schools, 30 years as the athletic director for Tekonsha Schools, and 38 total years working as an educator!


When asked why retire now, Jenkins thoughtfully responded, “I always heard people say that you’ll know when it’s the right time. It’s been a great year to finish. This group of varsity players were one of the nicest and most respectful to work with.” He said that he is looking forward to retirement to “take it easy and explore my options,” but he was also quick to say, “I’m not disappearing. You’ll still see me around!”


It is very bittersweet for Tekonsha Schools to congratulate Tim Jenkins on his announcement that he is retiring at the end of this school year. After decades of dedicated service to Tekonsha Schools, we are so happy for him to be able to start his next stage of life. We will certainly miss his experience, leadership, relationships, and connections, both in the classroom and in athletics. The impact that he has had on students is immeasurable. Through the years, countless students have identified Mr. Jenkins as their most influential educator. Comments from students have included, “He is very passionate about the classes he teaches.” “He has been there to help me be my best self.” “He has always been there for me.” “He has always treated me with respect and held me to a high standard.” The words of one student sum it up best, “Mr. J is just that guy.” We agree!


Congratulations to Mr. Tim Jenkins on his retirement!