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PROM 2015

University of Michigan’s Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine Visit Enrichment and the New “U”

Science teachers Hannah Katz and LeAnna Hirsch wanted to show their students all aspects of biomedical research and the importance of this type of research and how vast its impact is on our quality of life.  Tekonsha Community Schools was awarded a Mini-Grant in the amount of a $1000 from the Calhoun Intermediate School District and the Guido A. and Elizabeth H. Binda Foundation for a grant proposal titled, “Enrichment and the New U”.  Prior to the field trip Chris Katz, Assistant Manager of Animal Husbandry Services at the University of Michigan, visited the science classrooms and addressed the students on the ethics behind the field of biomedical research, as well as the animals used and some of the applications of this type of research.  This provided an excellent introduction to our field trip, which was a visit to the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine at the University of Michigan. Students received a lecture on biomedical research, from third-year veterinary resident Jane Na about her research in the development of a feline vaccine.  The students also participated in a tour of the North Campus Research Complex where they witnessed animal research firsthand.  This grant also allowed the purchase of ACT Preparatory Science Workbooks and Dissectionworks software, which includes a web-lab simulation for 5 animals including the fetal pig, perch, earthworm, perch, earthworm, frog and crayfish for the science classrooms.   


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